Diane is a natural leader, teacher and coach. She is filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share the tools she has accumulated in her tool box of life with you. She taught her first class at 16 years old in a gym setting for adults, which set the stage for her to be the teacher/trainer in most settings thereafter. Her passion for supporting the student while they find their own path to success is the cornerstone of her success. She will leave you empowered with the tools needed to sustain your transformation.

Diane Whitney

Complete the 8-Week CIJ Clarity Catalyst Course

We’ll set goals and challenges during live training sessions, one to two hours a week for eight weeks.

You’ll use the time between classes to practice the assigned experiential learning tools. We hold weekly follow-ups to review progress. Increase prosperity and self worth while sharing your creativity with all in your life.

  1. Discovery

  2. Soulwork

  3. Accountability

  4. Integration

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A Life Coach

Diane will support you finding your plan of action to overcome self doubt and gain insight into your patterns of behavior.

Leadership Coaching

Diane will help you find the best way to coach your team to success.

Goal Setting

Using a 6-stage process, Diane will guide you to achieving your goals while holding you accountable to ensure you can sustain the desired outcome.


Being present for all that life offers is a daily practice. Diane would like to share mindfulness tools to help you achieve this way of being.


Stillness is the place we often find answers, Diane will share techniques for traditional and non-traditional meditation.


While using her own and your intuition, Diane will help you gain clarity and help you put this into your daily practice.

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